Disable cookies
Privacy laws provide users with the option of disabling cookies (opt out), which are already installed on their device. This option applies to ”Technical Cookies” (art. 122 of Italian Privacy Law) and other cookies, which were previously accepted by the user (opt in). The user can disable and/or delete cookies in the browser settings (opt out).

How to disable cookies:

Internet Explorer
Steps to block the cookies of all websites:

1. Open the Internet Explorer by clicking the ‘Start’ button and clicking on Internet Explorer.
2. Click on the ‘Tools’ button and on ‘Internet options’.
3. Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab, under ‘Settings’, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies. Click on ‘OK’.
Blocking cookies might prevent some websites from displaying correctly.

Steps to block the cookies of all websites:

1. Click on the ‘Menu’ button and choose ‘Settings’.
2. Go to the ‘Privacy’ section.
3. In the ‘Firefox will:’ section choose ‘Use custom settings for history’.
4. Uncheck the box at ‘Accept Cookies from sites’. Click on ‘OK’.

Google Chrome

1. Choose the Chrome ‘Menu’ item.
2. Choose ‘Settings’.
3. At the bottom of the page choose ‘Show advanced settings’.
4. In the ‘Privacy’ section click the ‘Content settings’ button.
4. Choose ‘Block sites from saving any data’.
5. Choose ‘Done’.


Third parties are autonomous owners of the cookies, therefore their policies concerning cookies will be applied. Find the complete list of all third parties below.
FACEBOOK more information on www.facebook.com/policy.php
AUDIENCE more information on www.audiens.com/privacy
GOOGLE more information on www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads
ADFORM more information on site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en

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